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Let’s Rant Anime: Sub vs Dub Pt 1

Francis Nunez Writes:

I’ve been recommending anime to friends for as long as I can remember. Apart from the usual ‘if you like this, then watch this’ advice, one of my biggest points is whether to watch it subbed (in original Japanese audio with subtitles) or dubbed (another spoken language). Within the criteria of ‘subbed versus dubbed’ there are also the issues of background music; opening and ending music; voice actor performance; and whether or not the voice actor is the right choice for the role.

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Shadonic2615d ago

They just need to find the right people. I mean black star in english sounds like he could be on Jimmy neutron instead of a deadly assassin.

Ryasha2614d ago

To me, Black Star just sounds like 90% of every other anime male ages 10 to 13 in Japanese. In other words, he just sounds like a variation of Naruto, sometimes exactly like Naruto.

Onto the actual article/opinion piece itself...
Openings and Endings don't affect my viewing of a series. More often than not, I skip the ending after hearing it entirely one time.
As for Openings, If I really like an opening but not the series it comes from, I'll just listen to that and do nothing more related to the series.

Using the same examples of Dragonball Z openings, For a series about a guy and his friends fighting, beating, and getting beaten up by aliens (and androids), I find the "Rock the dragon" opening to be better fitting. Not saying that it's better than the other. Just that it feels more appropriate.

Baka-akaB2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Er you do realize than it's on purpose ? That Blackstar is a parody of Naruto and a few shonen heroes and pruposezly exagerate their tropes and traits ?

Meaning the original voice did perfectly its job and conveyed that successfully . Something The dub certainly wont .

Ryasha2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

@Baka-akaB You misunderstand. I mean nearly EVERY japanese voiced anime male in that age range. Not just the ones that are supposed to be "parodies of Naruto". I mean the ones that have nothing to do with Naruto and still sound like him.
It's not "perfectly done". It just all sounds the same.

Let me rephrase it so you can understand better:
A vast majority of Japanese voices all sound the same to me for a given age group and/or gender with very few exceptions.
At least with English I can tell the different nuances in the speech and who is talking without having to see the character's mouth moving on screen. I only mentioned Black Star because the other person did. They could have said Tagiru Akashi from Digimon Xros Wars instead and my answer would still be the same.

And I rather enjoyed Black Star's english voice regardless of what you people say. He was just as annoying in both versions so nothing was lost for me.

StockpileTom2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

It really depends on how the US businessmen want to market the anime and all too often they end up choosing to go with crappy voice actors you expect from some random morning children's show. There are a few examples of good dubs out there that really capture the style of the characters but most of them are just terrible and conflicting.

Until US publishers understand their market they are gonna generally suck. The same is true for the videogame industry as many of their decision makers have absolutely no background in playing or producing games... this results in great creative directors having innovative ideas being shot down in favor of trying to mimic Call of Duty or something.

These guys are just out of touch...

Baka-akaB2614d ago

There isnt even a versus when it comes to me . Every dub claimed to be good still arent better imo , so it's a moot point for me .

Mind you my mindset isnt limited to animation , i'm not a native english speaker , yet , whenever i can , i only watch US tv shows and movies in their original glory .

Simon_Brezhnev2614d ago

Depends on my mood now. If i feel like reading or not. Well that usually depend on older anime that i know that got a dub.