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'Oreimo' Novel’s Final Volume Released, Ending Spoilers Revealed

SGCafe: ''Before reading this, if you don’t want any spoilers, turn back now or regret going further. This article contains a few of the illustrations from Oreimo’s final volume that are sure to spoil you.''

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koga882352d ago

Ugh... I knew she would win in the end but I was hoping that she wouldn't somehow. Ayase would have worked as Kirino supported them like a good sister and friend instead of just going full on incest...

Simon_Brezhnev2352d ago

Glad i dropped the anime then.

Gekko2352d ago

Hold your horse’s guys, apparently only some of the illustrations were revealed not the actual storyline so anything is still possible. Perhaps that last image is from one of Kirino's twisted fantasies... oh, who am I kidding?