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E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to PS4

Sony dropped a bombshell at their E3 2013 press briefing by announcing that Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for the PlayStation 4.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2486d ago

-Supports used games.
-Not always online.
-Kingdom Hearts III in development.
-Final Fantasy XV
-No Restrictions

Thats all they needed im Sold. PS4 day one

Legion2485d ago

- Supports used games (Yep... they said they will allow used game sales and that it is up to the publisher if they wish to require restrictions)
-Not always online (they stated that you will need to check in every 24hrs but that it will not always be required to be online)
-Kingdom Hearts III in development (Yep... coming to Xbox One too) {actually I care little about the game but my kids might like it?}
-Final Fantasy XV (Yep... this one is coming too) {not interested in this either... oh well}
-No Restrictions (really? all games are console restrictive basically. I can't play my PS3 games on my Xbox 360)

I will buy an xbox One more then likely. They have the exclusive games that I am interested in and the Multi-system games have always fared better on MS machines. Don't see that changing next Gen, especially with the cloud push that MS is looking at.

You will need to buy a PS Eye if you want to play any games that integrate it into the game. The NEW Eye will cost much more then the $100 you save at console purchase. Kinect is integrated in... meaning developers don't have to worry about who will have it and who won't like with the eye. It comes with ALL systems so it will be automatic integration opportunity. Eye will once again likely see little integration in PS4 games.

Fanboyish? Maybe... but directly in form with other Fanboy comments.

To each their own. MS and Sony both will continue to battle next Generation and both will be here after the battle. And that is good for us gamers.

MS will still own North America... and Sony will also likely be favored over seas. So be it. Each has their main market.

no_more_heroes2485d ago

Apparently its also coming to Xbox One:

I'm speechless...

hkgamer2485d ago

im surprised aswell... but in the sony conference they never mentioned anything about exclusivity and noticed that sony let another exclusive slip away

Mounce2485d ago

"sony let another exclusive slip away"

Yes, because Sony just totally should've thrown money-bags at every developer and publisher like Microsoft does....

If not that sarcasm, this is also Square-Enix we're talking about....they need and want profit like Capcom does. They can't afford to be picky and be Loyal to one platform.....FFXV is a Maybe, MAYBE....Because it was confirmed PS3-Exclusive and never mentioned to be multiplatform unlike FF13 which was the only one to move-over. As such, Versus/XV should remain exclusive for those logical reasons.

hkgamer2485d ago


yes sony should throw money at some publishers.

MS made so much money on xbox live that they could afford to get exclusives

coolbeans2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Wasn't the least bit surprised. We had the news coming when Sony just stated FFXV and KH3 "coming to PS4!" and nothing else. It really sticks out when the rest of their conference is quick to say "exclusive skins" or "[indie games] coming to consoles first on PS4."

kagon012485d ago

No big deal, the difference will be clear. One version will be valuable to keep while the other one will have an expiration date, so prepare the trash can...

Whitey2k2485d ago

its not a matter of letting slip away its a matter of square backstabbing and shouldnt keep promises if it wasnt exclusive y say it now alot of people brought the system to play versus as square stated it was exclusive since 2006.. im suprised noone is boycotting

Legion2485d ago

Square never made a promise of exclusivity. where are you getting that?