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Ratings: Toonami Sees Its Best Numbers Yet

Adult Swim Central: ''Toonami came back for good a bit over a year ago, and since, it’s posted some good-enough ratings. From what I recall, the block has been doing better than Saturdays usually would on Adult Swim– the familiar branding seems to do a lot.

Ratings for Toonami on June 8th, this past weekend, were posted today, and it’s looking like the reborn block had its best week yet. Not a single show crept under 800k, the threshold that Saturdays regularly maxed out at on old Saturdays. Take a look at the numbers.''

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PSWiiKing2614d ago

Bleach and One Piece = Ratings!

Commodore_2614d ago

I really hope they start making new Bleach episodes!

Harkins17212614d ago

Prob not til the manga is done.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2613d ago

I want toonami to return to weekdays soon too. Or at least start earlier on Saturdays.