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Let’s Rant Anime: Sub vs Dub, Part 2

Francis Nunez Writes:

“Alchemy, the science of understanding decons -” Wait, wrong intro. I’ve been re-watching one of my favorite series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, except this time I’m watching the Funimation English dub. I have to say, it isn’t bad. There are plenty of great series out there that have great dubbing, but in order to achieve a perfect balance there are several things that have to be done right. As I explained in my last article, one of these things is a good opening and ending theme; they bring a sense of completeness to the series. Another big factor to me in determining whether a series is dubbed well is the choice of background music dubbed anime uses.

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Yi-Long2613d ago

... I just hate it when they change the original music to something 'new', just to cater to a so-called 'western audience'.

It's completely unnecessary.

The fact that (at least) 9 times out of 10, the changes are also WORSE than the original music, doesn't help either.

Personally, I feel they should always include the original voices and music. We've got digital TV now. We've got BR and DVD which offer these possibilities. There's no good reason to NOT give viewers that option anymore.

MonChiChi2612d ago

Too be honest it's a preference, but yea opening's and ending's should remain the same.