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Friday Anime Podcast 36: The Garden of FAPs

This week we have kevo (Desu ex Machina), Usny (Desu ex Machina) and Deadlight (Deadlight’s Anime Blog)

We gather to discuss our thoughts on the latest Shinkai Makoto work: Kotonoha no Niwa. While it was fairly short for a movie, its stunning animation and sound execution is definitely worthy of praise. We also discuss our least favorite genres in anime and tons of currently airing shows like Oreimo, Oregairu, and HenNeko. Finally we wrap up with our surprise hits this season and our very brief thoughts on the upcoming Summer 2013 season.

Special Treat: For the last 20 minutes of the show, I bring in Zzeroparticle (Anime Instrumentality) to talk about the upcoming Anime Music Opening/Ending/Inserts Tournament!

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