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Final Fantasy XV Director Tetsuya Nomura Impressed by Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, MGS5

Legendary Director Tetsuya Nomura Inpressed many at E3 with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, but what games impressed Tetsuya Nomura himself? Quite a few, as he said during an interview for the Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online. Interestingly, none of the titles he mentioned was a RPG.

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GenericNameHere3450d ago

Tetsuya Nomura was impressed with MGSV. Hideo Kojima was very impressed by the The Last of Us. Therefore, in correlation to all things awesome, Tetsuya Nomura was impressed by The Last of Us, bringing more evidence that everyone and their great grandmama loves The Last of Us.

Off topic aside... Wow, that last comment he made was depressing. It's impressive that it was made a Japanese developer? What the bloody heck does that mean? That even Japanese developers don't believe in themselves anymore? This coming from Square, one of the best developers since the SNES until 7th gen. Japanese developers used to create some of the best games ever.

The PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii generation are almost over, and the next generation of gaming are just a few months away. Use that new generation advantage to start all over again, and to correct your mistakes and improve the successes!

vakarian753450d ago

The first part of your comment makes no sense its basically like saying this one guy liked this movie and you like that guy so you like the movie and about how he said that its impressive that its made by a Japanese developer he probably said that because most games from Japanese developer have a similar anime style while metal gear looks more western in style.

Need4Game3450d ago

Final Fantasy XV will be an Action-MMORPG.

Harkins17213450d ago

It wont be online. Why would you release a 2nd MMORPG within a few years of FFXIV?