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DBZ Battle of Z First Trailer Released

The first trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has been released.

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koga883510d ago

Well right there we have confirmation of a Western release as well. This thing is looking great!

Subby3510d ago

Is there a solid singleplayer component? You know, for those of us that are cold and lonely?

And did I hear Diarmuid from Fate/Zero as Tien? There are all-new English voice-actors since Raging Blast 2 I think as well, so I might switch to Japanese this time.

koga883510d ago

There probably will be some sort of single player and they'll implement AI enemies and allies to fight in those brawls. Thing is really looking good so far. As for the voice acting, not sure but I know for a fact I could never listen to the Japanese voice actors with DBZ.

coaidant3510d ago

Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck,

wishingW3L3510d ago

why they don't use better cel-shading? In this game the character models look like plastic action figures.

Simon_Brezhnev3509d ago

I dont know why they dont use Naruto Ultimate Storm graphics for this game.

DarkBlood3510d ago

being late in the gen i wonder if its going to be priced accordingly