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Review: One Piece Uncut Collection 1 & 2 [The Nerd Cabinet]

Niall Gibson writes -

"'Gol D. Roger, the man known as the King of the Pirates is executed for the world to see, his final words announcing that his treasure will be available to anyone who finds it started the Great Pirate Era. Twenty-two years later Monkey D. Luffy sets out on his quest to find the One Piece, but first he needs a crew. Will he be able to gather a crew and use his special powers to take on the Grand Line and find the One Piece to become the King of the Pirates?'

One Piece is a TV anime series produced by Toei Animation and has aired over 600 episodes since 1999. The anime is based upon the manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda and originally launched in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1997; so far the series has released 70 volumes. The franchise has also inspired 11 animated feature films, OVAs and multiple TV specials. This review covers the first two box sets of the anime, which contain the first 53 episodes of the anime series. A strange number to end on in my opinion."

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