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Anime we loved! Spring 2013

"Spring has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. With visually beautiful shows like HenNeko, action packed classics like Attack on Titan and incredibly unique Aku no Hana, the Spring season was certainly a strong one and brought about some incredible series and shows that we'll no doubt remember for a very long time. Whilst the Summer season is already starting and we can't wait to enjoy it, GoBoiano wants to take one more look back over the past 13 weeks and recall some of the shows that managed to resonate with us as individuals - shows that we feel are our personal favorite of the now past Spring season."

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koga882764d ago

Loved Yuyushiki and was enjoying Gargantia for awhile and then it never went anywhere. Healing anime or no when people are laughing and joking at how terrible a twist could be when they watched episode one, and they actually got it right, it's terrible.

Gekko2764d ago

I hope Oregairu and Hataraku Maou-sama both get a second season. Fingers crossed that poll on most popular characters of spring 2013 will indicate strong DVD/BD sales!