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Aku No Hana Review - Anime Say!

This week on Anime Say! I’m back with my thoughts of the Aku no Hana anime. Aku no Hana has been a controversial series to say the very least, with both sides of the argument providing fairly compelling evidence for their stance on the series. But now that the dust has settled and the final episode has aired, what did I think of Aku no Hana? Watch below to find out.

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Subby3027d ago

Hey it's the potato anime. I haven't really got an opinion, just a show I avoided watching, not even to witness the rotorscope for myself.

futurefrog3026d ago

attack on titan is a better anime about potatos

badboy993026d ago

attack on titan is about titans aku no hana is about shit

koga883026d ago

I've been on the fence with Attack on Titan lately though. I know it is 24 or 26 episodes long but they are really dragging things out now. The last episode had numerous still scenes, literal scenes with no animation whatsoever, not even particles floating around or anything in a battlefield. It feels padded lately and considering the slowish pace of the series already, they need to pick things up.

Then again considering the sales predictions, Titan probably already is green-lit for a second season.

CrescentFang3026d ago

The manga is very good... complex and psychological.
didn't watch the anime because of the rotoscoping.

koga883026d ago

Mmm, I like how so many people still tried to call it the best show of all time, but the pre-order sales are below even Muromi-san which was at like... a thousand blu-rays. Being different doesn't mean good, and this show is the perfect example of how to take something that probably could have been good, but turned into junk to try and be artsy.

futurefrog3026d ago

terrible anime worst ever

wishingW3L3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

people say it's good story wise but that is hard to watch due to its horrible art-style. What pisses me off is that the manga's art-style is so good! This anime could have been one of the biggest hits this year.... =/

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