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The anime blog reviews : Ghost in the Shell Arise

The anime blog reviews : "First of four, this OVA of Ghost in the Shell takes us at the beginning of everything… before Major was even part of section 9. In the middle of a controversial affair of missiles being sold to third world country, Major is the main suspect for the murder of her superior."

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wishingW3L3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

didn't like it one bit and Ghost in the Shell is like my Top 1 favorite franchise of anime. The art-style is horrible, the soundtrack is bad, the story-telling is boring and pretentious as hell. Once I watched Mardock Scramble, the gay dolphins and the guy with a vagina on his hand I knew this guy was gonna ruin Ghost in the Shell.

This reboot is not even half of what the old movies are let alone the old series which was the franchise's peak.

DELETED2743249d ago

don't you think you're being unfair ? it simply cannot be what the old series was... it's the beginning. It's like saying the first movie the LOTR suck because there's no war going on.

coolbeans3249d ago

Wishing's list of reasons don't really strike me as unfair. He's stating faults across most facets of an anime (visuals, sound, story) and saying that it's not even half the quality of the old movies.

That comparison you're making is rather strange as well.