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High School DxD 3DS Game Detailed

Details have emerged regarding the upcoming erotic battle adventure game, High School DxD for the Nintendo 3DS. Several features of the game were detailed along with its plot-line which follows the anime series quite closely.

The game is based upon the popular harem anime of the same name about a young perverted teen named Issei Hyodou who becomes a devil after being killed on his first date, he then becomes a devil slave to club president Rias Gremory all the while planning to become the harem king.

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getsu3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Getting hopes up, no west release date as usual and probably won't be any.

futurefrog3237d ago

i wish this will be released in the west..

Mounce3236d ago

I can see the future.

3DS sales will skyrocket for the japanese market because of this game - because of boobs. D: