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Bleach Manga on to "Final Battle", Goes to 5 Week Hiatus

It has been announced that Tite Kubo's supernatural manga Bleach will be going on a five-week hiatus, from this year's 35th issue to the 40th issue of the Shonen Jump magazine. The next issue will be released on September 9th, featuring the final arc "Sennen Kessen-Hen - Ketsubetsu-tan".

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3235d ago

Final Battle will probably last like a year maybe more.

But geez 5 weeks. ill have to go back to school.

Simon_Brezhnev3234d ago

Probably last a long time. I remember Kubo saying this will be the longest arc.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3234d ago

Yea now that think about it This is for sure gonna be the longest arc. Aizen and espadas vs Ichigo and the captains took like a year and half and, like a day passed. Juha wants to go to war for 9 days with Shinigami,Quincys,Arrancars and fullbringers coming back also all in the mix.

Mounce3234d ago

I can't even see it being a singular fight. He may fight all the stupid Neo-Nazi-influenced Quincies, but there's still the unanswered question of what 'Disgust' or hatred drove Aizen to want to get rid of the Shinigami King, what is he or it, and why did he find it completely worth all of his efforts to want to dethrone him where before he was imprisoned and yelling at Urahara, he was Acknowledging Aizens disgust and understood why he felt that way - but took his own route of accepting whatever it is that is wrong or strange about the Shinigami King and leaving it be.

So - Ichigo definitely has to confront or alter what makes the Shinigami King so threatening or problematic even though we see absolutely no visible problem with whatever the hell the Shinigami King even does.

The ending will likely be cliched in the end where Ichigo becomes the Shinigami King replacement somehow, for some reason, anyways.

Harkins17213234d ago

Kubo wants to make evrything amazing. SO 5 weeks aint bad. Ill be back in skool to :/ College blah!

r213234d ago

Holy heck, 5 weeks? Wonder how the hardcore bleach fans are gonna cope.

Tony-Red-Grave3230d ago

attack on titan+new animes

If it wasn't for that i'd resort to naruto.