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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets a New Trailer

Square Enix just published the newest trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, titled “13 Days”.
The trailer focuses both on story cutscenes and gameplay, taking the chance to also show some of the costumes that Lightning will be able to wear in the game.

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TheHergulaX3233d ago

I love XIII story, but it seems like they are focusing too much on simply Lighting, the main character who was easily overshadowed by others in the previous games, so was that their intention? To make the last game all about her? And make her into a bigger God than she already was?

That´s something I simply don't get.

Abriael3233d ago

It's a matter of taste. In Japan Lightning is one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters of all time

TheHergulaX3233d ago

I mean, I can understand making characters have God-like powers, afterall my avatar is of Kira Yamato, who's nickname is "Jesus". So I understand the concept of what they are doing, and honestly, I'm fine with it, yet like you say, they play for the crowds, so the more you like a character, the more you'll get of them.

Understandable as well though.

rataranian3233d ago

How many trailers for this game do we need?

zeroskie3233d ago

I just want to be done with this particular series.

wishingW3L3232d ago

go die in a fire Square, stop making Final Fantasy worse!