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'Attack on Titan' Author Expresses Fears Through Popular Boys' Manga

At first glance, Hajime Isayama seems an unlikely author for a comic book that begins with a monster gobbling up the main character's mother.

Shy and sensitive, he has the look of an "herbivore," a Japanese term for mild-tempered men who shun relationships with women and lack ambition. But he also writes the boys' manga "Attack on Titan," which depicts a world that is an over-the-top Darwinian jungle.

The ongoing series debuted in 2009 in the pages of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, published by Kodansha Ltd. As of July, the series' 10 books have sold a total of 22 million copies.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3226d ago

Nice turning his fears into inspiration for attack on Titan. its one of the best mangas out there hands down.

LiQuiZoN3226d ago

Amazing Anime, I don't want to starting reading the manga though.

Scatpants3225d ago

I wish I hadn't read the manga. It spoiled the anime for the next 5 seasons probably.

Flavor3225d ago

The story degenerated so quickly in the manga, I have no idea how the anime can salvage the disaster that the story turns into.

Darrius Cole3225d ago

Is it that bad? The story seems a little too ridiculous for me just judging from the anime. But so many people swear that AoT is good that I figured that it would get better later in the storyline. Now you are saying that the story deteriorates further once you get past the beginning. Could you elaborate a little more? I don't want waste time watching something that never going to get good.

Flavor3225d ago

Basically, with almost no buildup or foreshadowing, something like half of the characters reveal they can turn into titans, and are in fact the same titans who attacked the city.
Some no name dork that had like three lines of dialogue just bites his finger and turns into the colossal titan. Just like that. It's like EVERYBODY was secretly a titan, and you can tell the author lost control of the story and doesn't give a fuck anymore by how bad the art and layouts have gotten.