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Top 5 Worst Anime Romances

Counterfett lists his Top 5 worst anime romances that he's had the displeasure of witnessing.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3224d ago

I fit was worst anime couples then I could understand Hodr and Sigyn being on the list but there doesn't actually exist a romance there. The romance is between Rygart and Sigyn.

CrescentFang3223d ago

was hoping for school days. dammit..

wishingW3L3223d ago

for that the tittle should be:

Top 5 Most Dangerous Anime Romances

Saviior953223d ago

hmmmm, is it just me or is this a Top 4?

TheHergulaX3223d ago

It's a Top 5, but you might've just missed it. Understandable though.

LeonhartX3223d ago

For me the best couple of all time is kyoko and godai never have i seen something so human but that's my personal opinion

TheHergulaX3223d ago

It is an enjoyable read, but there is too little text for the author to make his or her point. At least I personally, would like a better reasoning behind the order and the decisions made.

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