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Horror in Anime – More than a Tentacle Joke

Mention anime and most people imagine either school girl drama, giant robots or cute anthropomorphic animals…or tentacles. But like comic books, anime is not a genre it’s a medium and it has a strong but seldom mentioned horror offering. Below is a brief summary of 4 series that are worth the while of any horror fan and don’t all fall into the J-Horror trappings.

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ScytheX33217d ago

anyone have other killer suggestions? 4 horror genre in anime

Subby3217d ago

Although these aren't pure horror, they have some elements: Mirai Nikki, Danganronpa, Hellsing Ultimate, Garden of Sinners, Deadman Wonderland, Elfen Lied..

ExCest3217d ago

+1 for Mirai Nikki. But that's the only one out of that list that is actually horror I believe (I haven't watched Dangan and Garden of Sinners yet).