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Improve Your Drawing Workshop - SMASH! 2013

Frank Inglese Writes:

Cecilia Jin is a teacher, a storyboard illustrator, a concept artist and she works a great deal in magazines, not to mention that she’s an all around incredible artist and Anime/Manga-lover so it’s only natural that she had her own, seemingly little, workshop on the Main Stage of the Art Room at SMASH! 2013. Cecilia sat on stage, on her own and, despite a few technical difficulties, rocked a room packed full of eager art-fans with her extensive knowledge and raw talent. What started off as a “small workshop/art panel” grew into it’s only miniature event, people who were just “passing through” stopped to sit-in on Cecilia’s teachings and it got so crowded that the SMASH crew even had to close the doors until the panel was over.

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Subby3208d ago

Love seeing new styles in manga from young artists, keeps things fresh in the industry.

masterabbott3208d ago

yes its a good thing, always great to see new ideas and fresh manga come up.

nato253208d ago

Nice, I havent drawn anything in so long but I might bet back to it, Ive been inspired