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Shining Hearts: Complete Collection Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"For over two decades, Sega has been releasing the Shining series in Japan with a couple of the titles making it to North America and since then, only two anime adaptations have been created. Now that Sentai Filmworks has brought the second anime series, Shining Hearts, to North America. Being the first product related to the Shining franchise released in English in over six years does the Shining series make a triumphant return to the West?"

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koga883207d ago

I know a lot of anime tend to be advertisements for the original product, and sometimes get sequels if they sell well enough on their own or boost the sales of the original, but never before did I feel like an anime was a basic commercial, a bad one at that, like when this happy bread anime aired last year... forced myself to finish it because I was really hoping they'd find some way to turn it around.

3207d ago
Subby3207d ago

Looks like Tony Taka's character design couldn't save it, even though I was never much of a fan of his work. Seems like Shining Hearts is only good for figures.

koga883207d ago

That's the thing, TT is great at making individual characters but sadly they couldn't pull off a half-decent story. Would have been better if they just kept it slice-of-life with fantasy instead of forcing a half-baked plot.