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Tiny, adorable cosplay of Attack on Titan’s Levi will leave you screaming “Kawaiiiii!”

Although Attack on Titan may feature some pretty gruesome, bloody scenes, it has, surprisingly enough, inspired one of the cutest cosplay costumes we’ve ever seen!

Spotted at Comiket and in Akihabara, this diminutive cosplayer may have just won the award for cutest thing ever. Check below for more pictures to leave you screaming “Kawaiiiii!”

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MouseUK3206d ago

Nice to see another Parent getting their kids involved in Cosplay :)

My Son, Wife and Daughter all dressed up with me for the Manchester UK ComiCon as member's of Fairy Tail :) It was a fun day for all the family :)

MangaTherapy3206d ago

Family cosplay is the best cosplay!

Simon_Brezhnev3205d ago

I wish they had him near a Titan cosplay i bet he would cry. lol