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The Evangelion Exhibition Is Now Open In Tokyo

Frank Inglese Writes:

This year Australia had it’s own little slice of obscurity with the Evangelion Art Exhibition that toured our great land, well now a similar, yet noticeably bigger, exhibition has opened up in Matsuya Ginza, back in Tokyo and it is looking incredibly cool. It boasts the display of over 1,300 production materials from the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies and that also includes original drawings and designs. The exhibition is said to have everything for the art-loving fans of Evangelion. Original art pieces from Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, model sheets and image boards by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, over 2,00 pieces of Evangelion merchandise which will be sold at the Evangelion Store in Ginza, which just so happens to neighbour the exhibition, and so much more.

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militissanctus3197d ago

Looks like it would be pretty awesome to visit!

F-Inglese-943197d ago

I would love to hit up an Exhibition of this calibre one day.

masterabbott3197d ago

im going to tokyo next month im going to check it out!

hazelamy3197d ago

Japan gets all the coolest stuff.

first a life size Gundam, now this.

they've also got the Ghibli theme park where you can ride the catbus, it's not fair. :(

i don't know why, but it always seemed like the Eva was wearing a pair of trainers when i watched the anime.
and it kinda looks like the model is as well.
maybe i'm just weird.

anyway, very cool.