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One Piece-Themed Eyewear Released

Frank Inglese Writes:

I just love when big Anime or Manga series’ infiltrate our everyday life by producing their own types of everyday items that all of us, or most of us, use. Evangelion did it with Schick not too long ago and One Piece is a big contributor to this type of deal, they seem to have One Piece everything nowadays, from themed coolers to an entire restaurant recreated to look like Baratie. The latest collaboration deal is one that I am extremely excited to SEE because I happen to use these things all the time: Glasses.

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F-Inglese-943197d ago

I know right? I really want the Franky pair! :D

deep_fried_bum_cake3197d ago

I have perfect vision but I'd definitely consider starting a staring contest with the sun in order to wear a pair of these.