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Did you know that there’s a free to play Digimon MMORPG?

Yamilia from Twinfinite writes: "Did you know that it’s pretty good? I immediately downloaded it and since nothing I experience in the gaming world is just for me, filmed it all for your viewing pleasure. I loved Digimon as a kid but was always more of a Pokemon child. Watch the video and imagine that I was trying so hard not to call them all Pokemons. Shut up, Agumon. You can check out Digimon Masters for yourself here!"

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deep_fried_bum_cake3198d ago

Fitting that the girl's first words were "this is loud". I certainly thought so. I should learn not to have my volume right up when I'm using my headphones.

This is pretty cool. Overall it looks like pretty average mmo stuff, but I love the look of the world and for f2p it seems good.

TheHergulaX3197d ago

Animeshinbun... what has happened to u?

So now I am able to post random articles, about games that have been out for over a year, just to announce it to people?

I seriously want to know, please let me know so I can post things like this...

GraveLord3197d ago

Yes, and it pretty much sucks.

SilentNegotiator3197d ago

I didn't even know that Digimon was still around.

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