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Naruto Shippuden September 2013 Schedule - More Canon Episodes

Four new episodes of Shippuden following the manga are set to air in September!

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tayz3196d ago

hell freaking yeah!!!! 2 straight months of canon! lol so sad i am this excited but i am... HELL YEAH!!!

kingrj3196d ago

How cool would it have been if we got another special!?

tayz3195d ago

omg yes! if we got six episodes this month it would have been a tears of joy moment!

kingrj3195d ago

We would have 5 with a special, but anothewr six would have been perfec!t

VitaOwner3195d ago

I prefer reading the manga but so glad they are sticking with cannon, I will continue to watch.

tayz3194d ago

i love watching episodes. i read the manga too, but if they went at the same pace the color makes it so much better

erikthegman3194d ago

only to be followed by 6 months of fillers. It's frustrating to be a naruto fan sometimes