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J-Stars Victory Vs – Partial Chartacter Roster?

YOSH! A strange new image has been uncovered! Bandai has a japanese dice and domino game that shares the branding of J-Stars Victory Versus! The game allows players to have “decks” of domino’s that have some of the most popular J-Stars! If you notice, out of the 18 characters in the image, 10 have already been confirmed to be in J-Stars Victory Versus! Could this be a major hint as towards who will fill up the roster? Below is the image, with a list that has the name of each character, and their respectful anime/manga.

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tayz3197d ago

i hope the game has 100 characters! 10 from naruto and dbz a piece, at least!!

DEATHxTHExKIDx3197d ago

Needs a hero and a villain from each series.

tayz3197d ago

I think that's what they will end up doing so it's good vs evil in a story mode

Simon_Brezhnev3196d ago

I'm glad they put Momotaro Tsurugi. Where the hell is Kenshiro.