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Anime top 5: Mecha

The all time best mecha Anime that everyone should watch.

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MissyF3193d ago

Thanks for sharing this page! I'm always looking for new anime to watch. Some of these shows had characters featured in our top characters poll:

Simon_Brezhnev3192d ago

I pretty much hated Gundam 00. I'll take Gundam Wing over that shoe any day.

TheHergulaX3190d ago

Not a fan of quality I see...

Simon_Brezhnev3190d ago

Nothing was quality about it. I've seen pretty much all of them and your avatar is pretty bad too. I hope you dont think that show as quality. Gundam Unicorn is better than Gundam 00.

TheHergulaX3188d ago

Whether or not Gundam Unicorn is better than 00 is irrelevant, you said that Wing was better than 00. So I have no clue what you are talking about.

Also, Why bash on my avatar, can't we keep the discussion at Wing and 00? Also, just because I like SEED, does not mean that I find it to be of high quality, so yet again, I have no clue what you are even trying to say as you did not reply to my comment, you simply avoided answering.

TheHergulaX3190d ago

Just wondering why so few "good" mecha anime were included, but that's always the difficulty of a list like this.

Take no offence, I am just thinking out loud ;). Awesome article.

bb14z3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I agree with Simon on this one. Gundam 00 should be replaced with SEED, Unicorn, or one of the earlier ones. Though I will say I'm slightly disappointed that Break Blade wasn't able to make the list considering it's one of the very rare fantasy mecha, and it's fight scenes are amazing on Blu-Ray. Crystal Mecha ftw.