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Anime top 5: Death Scenes

"One of the things I love about Anime is how nonchalant it is about killing off characters. It does things that western animators are often scared to do in fear of controversy since animation in the west still regarded largely for children. Not Anime though as your favourite characters can be taken away from you left and right in the blink of an eye, either horrifically or in the most heart breaking manner, either way, you are left staring at the screen with your jaw on the floor and a hole in your heart.

Warning: this list is Spoilerific. If you haven’t watched these anime yet, close the browser, watch the anime and then come back and read this damn article to completion.
You know you want to. Don’t make me re-enact these scenes!

This is the Top 5 Anime deaths"

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andrewer3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Vegeta's sacrifice? Goku at the ending of GT?

Lord_Sloth3485d ago

Not really sad for either of them. DBZ's a great Action Show but it's just that: An Action show. It doesn't exactly stir up any emotions.

For the list itself, Lelouche should be number 1. Few stories have reduced me to tears but that did!

Also, while I know everybody hates the show, Guilty Crown should be on there for the death of Hare.

andrewer3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

the ending of gt was the closest thing I ever got to crying because of a story haha, because it was a little sad but damn Goku didn't stop smiling, that was too much rofl. And after have followed the series for, what, 400 episodes, it got me haha.
On topic, I liked Angel Beats but the deaths weren't that worth mentioning, instead the "RIP", disappear scenes, when they told about their life...

SirPanicore3484d ago

I Liked the List.

I always thought that the Deaths in DBZ were always so inconsequential... all the characters are either wished back or they stay in a really comfortable looking after life... nothing really shocking or groundbreaking there...

grahf3484d ago

Ace from One Piece. The very first death of a main character NOT in a flashback.