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5 Anime Titles That Failed Miserably

Wynter can emphasize with the opinion that anime is bad. Yes, some of it is, just like any media format. The Harem genre has lent itself to some killers. For example, the infamous bear rape scene from Green Green (2002) is guaranteed to give any sane person nightmares. The panty galore fest of Ikki Tousen (2003) is just one of many titles that display the distasteful end of the anime spectrum: the insulting, sexist and stupid. In a similar vein to Taylor Ramsey’s brilliant ”Things that Embarrass Me About being a Comics Fan“, She would like to re-live some horrible memories by letting you in on anime that didn’t live up to their potential.

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Baka-akaB3216d ago

Meh that list start with some awesoe BS right there . Vandread was actually a pretty strong show that mixed 3d with 2d elements superbly for its time .

wishingW3L3216d ago

I don't know man, to me Vandread was an abomination of an anime.

Baka-akaB3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Sorry and truly no offense meant , but from what i've seen of your post around here , you feel negatively about too many shows , especially recent ones , for me to take much stock into it .

Liked or not , the quality of its animation , especially the 3d part and realisation was at least recognized back then . It , BLue submarine 6 and Gatekeeper pretty much kickstarted Gonzo for good , but also for worse .

MEsoJD3216d ago

For it's genre I thought Vandread was pretty good.

Sarick3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I agree Vandred was awesome. I bought the DVDS because I liked it so much. That's rare for me. The only other set I bought was Avatar The last Airbender.

djfullshred3215d ago

I usually avoid "my list of bad/good" articles because they are so incredibly subjective that it is pointless info to me. Randomly clicking here I am reminded of that. Vandread was solid. I thoroughly enjoyed that series.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3216d ago

woah I liked Vandread. Ive never seen the other shows tho.

koga883216d ago

To be fair I haven't seen the other four shows on the list but really Vandread is a miserable failure? It got two seasons and was actually really great at its time with its animation techniques. Way to also compare animation techniques from 2000 to more recent shows. I've seen plenty of worse anime than that, which begs the question of how sheltered the writer is.

Baka-akaB3216d ago

Yeah that's the parts that irks me here . It's ok to not like the show ( the author clearly dislike harem comedy imo) , it's another to make weird comparisons , and to pretend the serie was technically great in its time

rataranian3216d ago

They avoided the Love Hina show because of criticism but couldnt help but to watch the movie? And you wonder why you didnt like it? =\

1Victor3216d ago

Baka-akaB you took the words out of my mind vandread is one of my favorite harem comedies and have a good ending too with a HUGE twist.

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