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Japanese Poll Ranks Best Harem Masters

Ah, the harem comedy. It’s a staple of the anime world, and for a good reason - who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a collection of beautiful/sweet/tsundere/smart girls? If variety is the spice of life, then the harem comedy is the Sriracha of anime. Juggling a handful of girls requires real talent (or a lot of luck), which is why a recent Japanese poll paid tribute to the masters of the harem.

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Simon_Brezhnev3045d ago

Tenchi should be on that list. He should be number 1 that anime basically started the Harem genre.

bb14z3045d ago

You, sir, (or madam) are a f*****g genius. Couldn't have stated better myself. Please, take my upvotes and have a good day.

pinkyxyz3044d ago

your exactly right, this poll is invalid without tenchi

kingPoS3045d ago

Does fanfiction based off canon count?
To tsundre or not tsundre.