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Junkie Monkeys: Sword Art Online Dub: “Crimson Killing Intent” Episode Review

Junkie Monkeys: Hey there anime freaks! Today’s review is on the 10th episode of Sword Art Online that aired over the weekend and we're breaking down all the nitty gritty details about whats been happening. Not to mention the moment that all the fans have been waiting for!!!

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Treezy5042468d ago

This was the best episode so far, I'm worried about the complaints I hear about later episodes though... Are they really that bad?

koga882467d ago

The worst. While I'll agree that the first half is pretty good, it only gets worse as it goes along and I'm only hoping that they'll end the TV series at episode 14, because if they don't then it'll just leave a bad taste for everyone.

MouseUK2467d ago

I think its down to personal opinion, Some people think it went down hill, some people think it was ok and some people enjoyed the later half.

At the end of the day the story could have ended at the end of SAO. That was the initial intent of the writer of the light novels.

However, they decided to write more and had to find a way to bolt them on and thus, the start of the next season (the second half) feels forced however, its a different world, different style and some personal issues to deal with in RL.

It ends up progressing at a different pace and I still wont say its bad, not bad enough to cut off at episode 14 as mentioned by koga88 but it could have been better.

I personally enjoyed the series as a whole and hope they pick up the next novels at a later date to continue the series however I also understand the comments of some of the people who don't feel that way :)

I guess it comes down to a half full/half empty kin of thing.. I just wanted to see more Lizbeth so I enjoyed it :P