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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate gets some Halloween themed costume DLC

New costume DLC for Halloween has been announced for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

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koga881832d ago

Damn those costumes are awesome looking. Ridiculous though that you have to buy the entire pack instead of just getting to choose between the sexy outfits for the girls or the ones for the guys. That Momiji one...

Yi-Long1832d ago

What's ridiculous is that they first sell a so-called Ultimate Edition of Dead or Alive 5...

... and then ends up not being ultimate at all, cause 1: it doesn't contain all the DLC-content that's been released, and 2: they continue the DLC-milking.

Meaning it's still an incomplete DOA5 experience.

I really like the game (downloaded it for free with PSN+), and would have liked to buy the Ultimate version, if indeed it would have been the complete version, but I guess I'll stick to my free PSN+ version instead.

Obamanationn1831d ago

ill buy the DLC just for Zack and Akira outfits