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Attack on Crunchyroll 2: The Good, The Great, and The Awesome (Pixcelation)

Well, Fall is here and that means some brand-spanking new anime for us to watch! In our previous Attack on Crunchyroll we cured the back to school blues and saw many strong summer shows, so [we] had my fingers crossed for this season. While this season isn’t quite what summer was, it’s definitely a good, arguably better, time for animation quality. [we are] a little stunned at the beauty in some of some of these shows, the amount of color present is amazing. [we are] really happy to see how much work these studios are putting into the quality of visuals, but what [we] found in quite a few of these shows was some stagnancy in plot and some rather uninteresting characters. Continuing my search, [we] did still end up finding quite a few quality shows which [we've] got here for you. So, with that introduction, let’s get right into this Attack on Crunchyroll!

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