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Anime Top 5: Slice of Life

"The Slice of Life Genre is what happens when Anime tries to Emulate reality and deals with ordinary every day topics, such as romance, school, work, friends etc.
There are no monsters, no epic fight scenes and no ninja’s. Just a bunch of characters trying to deal with every day life and the hilarious but relatable situations they get into.
The characters and cast are usually unremarkable, normal people, going about their lives, making observations and being themselves.
Life, Observed and Examined, that is the crux of the Slice of Life Genre, and so we have the top 5 “Slice of Life” Anime."

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Nagisa_Rodriguez3274d ago

I love the slice of life genre <333

ExCest3273d ago

If Nichibros is there, I expect Nichijou as well.

I miss my bros.

EL Lanf3273d ago

Pfft, the Bakuman anime was awful, just so incredibly bland in directing. OreGairu was ok but also suffered bland artwork and 'only for the first volume was good' syndrome. Haganai is an oddly popular yet not fantastic show either.

How about looking a bit further into the past, Azumanga, Aria, GTO... The author of the article clearly needs to step their Slice of Life game up. I'd wager they've seen no more than 20. I have a Ph.D. degree in sliceoflife-ology.,...