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Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning Blu-ray Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"While Tiger & Bunny may have had an excellent first season, Sunrise has yet to provide a follow-up season and instead they have focused on bringing out a couple of movies. The first of these movies happens to be Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning. Now with a rather large following in the West and Viz bringing the movie to North America, is it worth picking up?"

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koga882586d ago

I remember being so excited back when they released the movie over in Japan and then it turned out to only have about a half hour of actual footage worth watching. They could have put all that budget into making a second season but instead they go half-recap on us. I mean its good to see it still getting support with the second movie on the way but it could have been better.

Subby2586d ago

There's a lot of awesome anime movies recently released in Japan that need localising. Like Index, Nanoha (I know, it'll never happen), the 3rd Madoka film, Steins Gate film and the new Garden of Sinners film.

This is not one of them.