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From Up on Poppy Hill Blu-ray Review | The Game Scouts

Ameenah Salamunic: Turnaround time for televised animation is tight, and Anime in particular tends to be produced in higher volume. A distinct visual approach fettered by technical limitations lends itself to a style generally featuring limited movement. Panning techniques center attention on the environment to simulate the sense of motion. Environments are exquisite but static. Studio Ghibli’s outright celebration of movement immediately distinguishes their work. Backdrops become living, breathing surroundings where characters directly interact through dynamic planes. The journey of descending a steep staircase and the fluidity behind a bike ride through a crowded street impress as much as more sensational flying sequences. Their films are triumphs of traditional animation. From Up On Poppy Hill has a library of modern day classics to compete with, and it doesn’t quite compare.

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