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Oreimo Author's New Series Is Another Sister Act

The love-hate nature of OreImo aside, it was surprisingly engaging despite the suspect premise. It was enough that I kept an eye on author Fushimi's new work, as teased from Otakon earlier this year. In our interview, author Fushimi and his editor Miki explained that they took their long plane ride as an opportunity to work on a new series. We now know what it's about.

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chaosdemon092333d ago

I met the guy and got the editors and his autograph. Nice guy. He laughed at my zombie shirt I was wearing and the translator said he liked my shirt alot. I just bowed and said thank you in Japanese lol. So if there's a zombie character in his new series.. It's cause of

Thunder_God2332d ago

So, does he hope the publishers will this time let him go with the "True Route" ending?

Talk about a niche niche he's pushing himself into ;)

Neckbear2332d ago

More terrible writing, more cheap drama, more awful main characters and more insipid resolutions.

I'm so excite.