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Akira 25th Anniversary Edition Review [Capsule Computers]

Simon Wolfe of Capsule Computers writes:

"Back in 1988 what could be argued as one of the most influential anime of all time was released into theaters. Akira was not only a big deal at the time, with a large budget and attempting much more than anime of the past, but continues with how it has influenced modern anime and movies both in Japan and the US. It stands as no surprise then that with the 25th anniversary of its release, a special edition has just come out featuring the remastered visuals and all the audio of its past. Let’s look at this new edition and see if Akira has survived the test of time."

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Subby2014d ago

Going to be honest, I haven't seen Akira yet but I might get this. It's tough going back and watching these films when you have your hands full as it is..

level 3602014d ago

As the article says - " The most influential anime of all time. " Add to that, and very much relevant today. Still blows my mind when I see Akira today.

Just ordered a Blu Ray copy myself and by goodness when I first saw Akira, it was the same exact experience when I went to the cinemas to see Blade Runner, Star Wars and even Aliens for the first time.

Yi-Long2013d ago

Akira is a pretty good movie, but TBH the manga is MUCH better. One of the very best books ever.

aDDicteD2014d ago

Same here I haven't watched this classic yet. I had watched several anime movies like spirited away, howls moving castle, etc. but they say that this one is the best anime movie and hopefully i'll be able to pick this one up if had a chance.

RE_L_MAYER2014d ago

Meh akira wasnt really interrsting to me...roujin z is way more fun

Deadpool6162014d ago

I really love Akira's animation. Today's standards of anime have a hard time coming close to reaching the fluidity, detail, and expression of Akira. Not to say there isn't anime today that gets close, but Akira is a bench mark in animation quality that hasn't realized as of late.

The story of Akira is where I have my problems with. It has a strong start, a good middle, and a promising ending...but I have issues with the very last part. It's just wasn't explained very well in the context of what was shown in the movie. I don't know...maybe it's just me who didn't get it.

Thunder_God2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Eh, not sure I agree. Movies both reach and surpass the animation of Akira all the time. It's hard to compare shows who have to stretch their funding quite differently to movies.

Akira had felt slightly dated compared to other anime films since I've first watched it, at about 1996, and it looks even more dated now.

Mind, it might be the artistic direction, and the somewhat roughness of the characters' design, but it's there. I love the film, and had watched it many times, but I think you're selling it in an area where it's not the strongest.

The visual design of the setting and various elements is inspired, but that's also true for the manga - also, Akira's story making little sense isn't surprising, it's based on 6 massive manga books (truly massive), and the movie cut out a /lot/ of content. So hunt down the manga which had been translated by Dark Horse comics if you're interested.

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