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Bleach Author Tite Kubo Shows His Place, Drawings

Kubo shows off his place, which includes a huge CD collection, his bed, and the desk where the magic of Bleach manga creation takes place

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chaosdemon092427d ago

Ya...notice he loves that black and white. Ichiruki fans will eat that up lol

Amerowolf2427d ago

And they say being a mangaka doesn't pay well.

But still, it was cool to watch him draw and see all the tools he uses.

But...what was with the pirates with the Hitler 'stache? lol.

vegnadragon2427d ago

They don't, but the top guys do, much like actors here in the US.

Raf1k12427d ago

Yep, most of them won't make much until they start bringing in the kind of reader numbers you get for Bleach, Naruto and especially One Piece which dwarfs even those two.

chaosdemon092427d ago

Where was his wife btw? He's married now so she's the one that cleans that white and black random place he calls a house. While it was spiffy in some areas...other parts where kinda bleh

Ninte2427d ago

I hope they bring back the Anime :(

Raf1k12427d ago

So do I but I think it's good they stopped as the animation quality for the canon was worse than that of the filler arks.

Hopefully assuming it does restart, it'll do so when the manga has finished and they can concentrate on doing more than one chapter per episode with better animation.

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