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First TV Spot For Spike Lee's Oldboy

Marketing for Spike Lee's Oldboy remake starring Josh Brolin is kicking into high gear as we get closer to the November 27 release date. What are your expectations for the remake of the South Korean classic which is said to be a closer adaptation of Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya's original manga?

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Sentionaut2534d ago

Looks a lot cooler than I imagined.

aDDicteD2533d ago

i have not yet read the original manga but if the film will depict that perspective then more props to spike lee for not going to just remake a US version of oldboy. i have watched the asian version due to its high ratings in any film reviews i read and surprisingly it even surpass my expectations with a very smart twist at the end. i would definitely check out this new version.

Kurylo3d2533d ago

its just lame to remake a movie that has no reason to be remade. Spike Lee is a hack. I have respect for originality... not the same old hollywoods out of ideas so lets steal stuff from other countries... they did it with the girl with teh dragon tatoo as well lol.. though i havent seen the remake of that one.. but its like why remake movies that arent even old.

aDDicteD2533d ago

The girl with the dragon tattoo (2011) adaptation was really good as well. both were good but for me but I'd pick the 2011 version because it's slightly better. You should try to watch it specially if you like the original film.

well.. remaking films always are a hit or miss and yes i'd prefer remaking those that are actually old but they did some very good ones and the girl with the dragon tattoo is one of the good examples of it.