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Maken-Ki! Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Over the last few years, Japan started to censor many of the fan-service anime on the market. This is primarily done in an effort to help drive up the Blu-ray sales for specific series since the home release features the uncensored version of the anime. One of the many anime that underwent severe censorship was Maken-Ki! which suffered from so much blatant censorship many viewers quickly were turned off of the show. Now that FUNimation has brought Maken-Ki! over to North America in its uncensored, boob and panty filled glory, is it worth picking up?"

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koga882869d ago

I ended up dropping this back when it was shown in Japan because the censorship was just way too much. Now that it is getting released here it looks like they were hiding tons of fan-service. Probably going to pick it up for the hell of it, though I am concerned that Xebec is doing season 2.

F-Inglese-942869d ago

Wow, a LOT of fanservice! XD

koga882869d ago

Yeah, I checked out some of the uncensored videos that FUNi has on their site, and they were certainly too risque for YouTube. Going to probably give this a shot since it seems right up my alley.

TheHergula2868d ago

Have not had a chance to watch it yet, but I surely will one day. Nice review as well.

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