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Freedom Wars being worked on by Dimps and Shift

Elliot Gay of Japanator writes:

"Freedom Wars was first revealed for the Vita back in May of this year, and we've had a slow trickle of details come in ever since.

We know that it's an action game with some pretty grand social/networking ideas, in which players fight for city states tied to real-life prefectures. Freedom Wars features coop combat against monsters, but also includes rescue missions in which you must save your comrades/NPCs, as well as PvP. Sony has been tight lipped about who's working on the project, at least until now."

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drizzom3242d ago

Whoa GE's Shift Dev team is working on this too? I've already put this on my radar as something to watch. I cant wait to finally see some in game footage. The artstyle looks slick as hell.