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A Year in Review - The Top 10 Best Anime of 2013

This year is almost coming to an end and it has been a great year for anime. As the year draws to a close, it is time to go over the best anime series of 2013. Some of these shows fans may have missed through the anime seasons, but most will have become so popular that it would have been hard not to have heard of them.

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Thunder_God3241d ago

I want to type "They", but I often say it:

"I say we should accept different people have different tastes, and while you can argue with someone over what's good, it's hard to argue with someone over what they /like/. Well, enough's enough!"

This list is so full of shows that are so questionable. I also dislike putting shows that hadn't ended yet - Not only that, KlK/Log Horizon are 2-cour shows, there's ample time for them to fail, and honestly, Log Horizon is just getting /started/, just finally finishing its set-up phase. It's like giving someone a Peace Nobel Prize before they actually had done anything... wait... :p

Well, it is titled "Top" and not "favourite", and I'll be frank, very contested choices, at least half of them, for anything outside popularity/a very specific denominator of shock value and over-the-top entertainment.

I feel like a crotchety old man here, but meh, there you have it.

I think it's hard to argue against Shinskai Yori as the top show ending in 2013, myself, and if you look at shows /ending/ in 2013 (which he must have, looking at Psycho-Pass), it further cements my issue with KlK/Log Horizon.

CLOUD19833240d ago

Free? Free?? Freeee??? get serious what this piece of sh1t doing in a best anime of the year list? oh ok fck it I just notice u r a girl so u must be one of this rotten fujoshi a disease that spread like a plague among female anime fans, that explain it all there is no way a guy choose this disgusting anime for a "best anime" list maybe for a "TOP disgusting anime" list & that's it.

feedurhabit3240d ago

Did you remember to wipe after shitting yourself with rage?

TheHergulaX3240d ago

I cannot really say whether or not I agree with the list, as some of the anime in the top 10 I have yet not seen. I do feel like many popular anime were chosen, and a couple of solid ones left out. To each their own, a top list is always difficult to create, as the fear of leaving something out is quite grand.

Thunder_God3240d ago

Have no fear! It's obvious a list is out of what one had seen. Including a list of contenders would be nice, but would make the post quite unwieldy.

I would though mark it as "My top ten favourites", because I really don't think this top 10 post is very good if we're talking about quality.

TheHergulaX3240d ago

I agree with you completely.

I also feel that many Top 10's these days are most like the writer's favorites list, instead of actually going after, what you said, quality. Production, creation, voice acting, directing, animation, and much more should be taken into consideration when creating a top 10 list, as top 10 should be a list of the absolout best, otherwise simply call it top 10 favorites list.

So all in all I agree with you.

Thunder_God3240d ago

Hergula, this thread on reddit might interest you:

It discusses "favourite" versus "best" - not in the last year alone, but it's interesting. Of course, as the discussion-starter, I might be biased.

TheHergulaX3240d ago

I will check it out for sure.

Ty for the link.