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Half way through Fall 2013 Anime Season – What are you enjoying?

Well were just a little over the halfway point of the season.

I attempted to pick up more anime's than I could actually watch like usual but here is a list of my favourites of the season in order with some comments and opinions.

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Sentionaut3240d ago

Oh my god -- how did this get through the submission process? It's not "anime's," it's "anime". It's "we're," not "were."

MouseUK3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Ok, We're and were, I missed a "'" not that unexpected at 1am, my bad...

But as for anime, I can understand both side of this argument :P

Anime, as a Japanese word, doesn't have a plural however, if being used in English sentence, it's not all that weird to pluralize it like an English word.

For example, Café comes from Romanic languages, but would you be all that irked if someone said "There are two cafés on that street"?

Probably not.

Sentionaut3240d ago

The reason I'm irked is because you didn't say "animes," you said "anime's." There's no apostrophe when you pluralize.

And yes, actually, it is weird to do so.