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Tobi’s Identity to be Revealed This Year on Naruto Shippuden

Through Japanese television guides, its been confirmed Tobi’s identity will be revealed this year on Naruto Shippuden.

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tayz2056d ago

thats the best way to end it for the most suspense! the episode after doesn't air for like 2 weeks so every1 will want to watch it even tho we all read the manga

NewMonday2055d ago

it was toooo obvious thats why I didn't believe it.

kingrj2055d ago

It was big for the manga but everybody knows this now.

Qrphe2055d ago

Most theorists already knew this in 07 lol

Majin-vegeta2055d ago

So who is it??Havent watched it since 07 when naruto and sasuke fight at the waterfall area.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2055d ago

@Majin-vegeta I think it's the guy from the Uchiha statue. Madara Uchiha?

Sevir2055d ago

Meh! Already knew this Looking before the Manga revealed who it was!

juliotheman212055d ago

most of us that read manga have known this for a while. but i feel like after his identity was revealed he wasnt a bad ass anymore. he was just stuck in doubt

Simon_Brezhnev2055d ago

The moment his identity was revealed it turned to trash. Naruto went downhill since the Pain arc.

GenericNameHere2055d ago

Yes, those theories from 2007 were 100% correct. Just look at that name "Tobi". No , it's not Tobirama. Which horn-y emo freak loser has a name similar to Tobi? That's the answer. Seriously, if you haven't read the manga, do so... Or not. It's just another Talk-No-Jutsu and Plot-No-Jutsu again anyways. That, and another variation of Rasen-Shuriken -_-

Lazybutt2055d ago

Lol I used the same exact way of giving a "hint" to my friends about his actual identity. They were completely dumb struck.

PS. They don't wanna read the manga.

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