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Atlus Celebrates Over 700K Units of Persona 4 Golden Shipped Worldwide

In a new press release from Atlus, the development company celebrates over 700,000 units of Persona 4 Golden worldwide.

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SynGamer3394d ago

I wonder if this includes digital copies? PSN has had P4G on sale at various times since it released, I would imagine that number is at least a few 10k higher. The game has 3200+ ratings on the NA PS store, and you have to buy the game digitally in order to rate it, plus I doubt every purchaser rates the game.

Regardless, that's some great news and sure means they turned a profit.

Sentient5453393d ago

According to Gamezone it does include the digital sales of the game.

Yi-Long3393d ago

They could have had an extra sale from me, if it would have had the original Japanese voices as an option.