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Avatar – The Anime That Isn’t Quite Anime…Right? [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

I seem to be one of the very few people who hear or read the word “Avatar” and instantly think about one of the two the hit TV series’ “The Last Airbender” or “The Legend of Korra” instead of the James Cameron blockbuster of the same name, something I assume most others think of when they hear that word. Both series’, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, follow the journey of the current Avatar as they travel the four nations bringing peace to all they meet and eventually doing their best to save the known world and all of its inhabitants both physically and spiritually from some sort of all-engulfing evil. The Avatar franchise has made countless fans from all corners of the globe because of its beautiful and vibrant colours, fluid animation and some of the deepest storylines to ever come out of a cartoon supposedly targeted towards a young audience.

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animeguardians2598d ago

I lit up AnimeShinbun with this same topic when Korra season 2 came out ( But to make a long story short, if we're talking means of production, both Japan and America have been outsourcing Korean help for a long time, so the "anime is made in Japan" and "cartoons are made in America" thing is a load of bull. "Authentically Japanese anime" may have directorial differences and thematic trends that other kinds of animation don't have, but you'd be hard pressed to find people able to articulate exactly what those patterns are. Most people use Potter Stewart's "I know it when I see it" defense.

wolokowoh2598d ago

Anime just means animation in Japanese. Even Family Guy is considered anime in Japan. Where it is from doesn't matter.

blitzburns42598d ago

Agee with Wolokowoh. The only reason why "Japanese" animation is seen differently than other kinds of animation is due to certain cultural trends that are present- but this has more to do with the storywriters than the animators if anything.

F-Inglese-942598d ago

I really do hope people aren't just throwing the series under the rug simply because it is not "japanese made" (or as animeguardians said korean made). It takes a lot from Asian culture, including its teachings of peace, love, honour and respect. The characters within the series' are also quite different from that of Western cartoon characters. Like I mentioned on our site; you never really see a Western-created character ever truly doubt themselves, not like Shinji Ikari or even Aang in the last Airbender when it all got too hard for him, they overcome that doubt for the greater good and learn from it. That's very much Anime to me.

thehitman2598d ago

Well the characters in Avatar represent people from all over. You could say the fire nation was like Germany, Earth Nation is like China, Water nation is similar to like South Africa, and Air India. Those ofc are my inferences to them I am sure people could argue they are similar to some other countries depending on the age you select from.

F-Inglese-942597d ago

Yes, very true! I believe this is the representation of the four nations: Fire/China, Air/Tibet, Earth/Japan, Water/Inuit. It is something along those lines. It's actually very interesting what each of them represent. :)

TheFirstClassic2597d ago

I would say that the fire nation has more of a japanese design, just looking at a lot of the hair and beards. But yeah, Airbender was a fantastic series that I would recommend to anyone of any age.

F-Inglese-942597d ago

You're right, it really is for all ages. Such a fantastic series. Let me just say...I can't wat for the next season of The Legend Of Korra to be released.