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Samurai Jack Is Coming Back In February 2014

Junkiemonkeys: Jack fans rejoice. The epic animated tale of Samurai Jack is returning on Toonami in February!

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ExCest2737d ago

I remember one episode: it consisted of five minutes of running... on a side scrolling screen.

Other than that, this show was cool.

krazykombatant2737d ago

it'd be nice if they finish the story.... :/

WillGuitarGuy2737d ago

We can only hope. I adored this show.

FamilyGuy2736d ago

Seriously, they just stopped all of a sudden and it was a great show.

I really liked Symbionic Titan too, which seemed like it was made by a similar group.

Gamesgbkiller2736d ago

Ohhh man!

The show is so god damn cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.