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Kishimoto: Naruto Will End in 2014

Shocking news from Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto himself! Among other things, he has confirmed that Naruto will be coming to an end next year!

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grahf3382d ago

His creativity ran out years ago when Pain brought everyone back from the dead.
Time to move on!

Dark113382d ago

after that everything has gone downhill.

XisThatKid3381d ago

Way before that The Pain everything that happened during that was just older ideas completing its self but I do agree its been unbearable since then

mt3381d ago

what to watch !! I used to love naruto. now Kishimoto is just making stuff up to make the story longer. I hate to say it but Naruto must end so soon.

TheGameTagerZ3382d ago

Finally. The war dragged on too long.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3382d ago

It's the last arc. To me it just had a lot of wasted potential

Simon_Brezhnev3381d ago

For a second i thought you was Tayz and thought he must been crazy since he's a crazy naruto fan.

This wasnt even a war more like a play battle. How many people actually died? People hate on Bleach but a lot of people died already.

TheGameTagerZ3381d ago

Me and TayZ just happen to have good taste in avatars but everything else...well different story..

The war isn't bad at all I just wish they could cut right to it honestly.

Simon_Brezhnev3381d ago

I dont know i didnt like the war when it became full of zombies. I like wars like One Piece and Bleach so far. I felt that Naruto went downhill after pain. It became really bad when Tobi was really Obito. The moment he became Obito again he was struggling in just about all fights.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3382d ago

All good things must come to an end.

mr-phillips3382d ago

About time, graduated high school college started working before this series concluded.

grahf3382d ago

So? I hope Berserk gets finished before I die. I'm looking forward to the next 5-10 years of One Piece. I'm also looking forward to seeing if Kishimoto can catch lightning in a bottle again with a new project.

And glad you got a job in this tough economy.

denero13382d ago

As slow as berserk Is moving we'll be in our 40s before he cures the girl

mr-phillips3382d ago

Just saying it's been a while, Gotta check out berserk tho.

wishingW3L3381d ago

Berserk lol

The mangaka started a new manga, so forget that Berserk even exists. XD

admiralvic3382d ago

I don't see how this is "shocking" news.

Another arc would seem completely out of place, especially since this is clearly the climax and does anyone really believe Kishimoto could squeeze another 50 chapters of Naruto fighting Madara?

GenericNameHere3382d ago

Just be happy the same people who worked on the anime for DBZ during the Frieza saga aren't doing Shippuden. They'd easily stretch the entire war into 100 episodes.

Anyways, I'm kinda happy, yet disappointed and sad at the same time. Only Madara is left, but the entire war has been... Meh. I knew *Tobi* was gonna have a resolution before he died, but I seriously didn't Kishi was gonna BS us by having him be Talk-No-Jutsu'd. *His friend* should have been the one to stop him, but it had to be Naruto. For Madara, I'm perfectly fine with Naruto (or him AND Sasuke) being the one who's gonna stop him once and for all. But for the love of all things Rinnegan, please don't let him be stopped by Talk-No-Jutsu or another freaking variation of Rasengan. I'm gonna accept Plot-No-Jutsu to give him an incredible power, like a new form or new Jutsu. Just please, no more Rasengan variations.

If somehow Orochimaru absorbs Madara, thus making him the REAL REAL villain, I'd be surprised and excited. I doubt he's helping the Alliance for nothing.

As for Sasuke, I don't think we'll have the final battle between him and Naruto. Sure, they might fight at the end, but not a death battle. I hope if the Alliance does forgive him for trying to kill the Gokages (lol he should definitely die for this crime, but Naruto loves him too much), that he stays in Konoha, but hidden in secrecy and watched by the Anbu at all times.

thehitman3381d ago

I believe at the end Naruto and Sasuke will fight and it will end in some draw type of thing. They both become the Hokage to cut the history of what happen before and Naruto will help Sasuke revive his dead clan.

Sano643382d ago

No, but they can do another time skip like they did with Shippuden. Just have an adult Naruto leading his own team so we can see the next generation of ninja, both good and evil.

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The story is too old to be commented.