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Ender’s Game Getting a Manga? And More About its Novel

Have you watched Ender’s Game? Y’know, the sci-fi movie out not too long ago about (warning spoilerific stuff up ahead!) how a young boy gets drafted into the military by a series of games, and actually defeats an entire (almost) alien race thinking it to be a game? Yeah well it turns out that it just might become a manga.

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SynGamer1753d ago

As a HUGE fan of Ender's Game (and Bean's Saga), I'm cautiously optimistic about this...

paradigmfellow1751d ago

I am not. I used to be a fan until I found out that Orson Scott Card is an idiot.

SynGamer1751d ago

Regardless of him being an idiot and his stupid stance on homosexuals, that doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed the books.

It's both closed-minded and pathetic, to be completely honest. I'll gladly access the dislikes and downvotes. I've been through this argument countless times regarding this very subject.

Look at it this way; if I didn't watch a movie because I didn't like a certain actor or director, there are A LOT of movies I would have missed out on. "Repo! The Genetic Opera" for instance, was an amazing movie (IMO), but it had Paris Hilton in it for a small role. I almost didn't watch it for that very fact. But I did, and I enjoyed it.

paradigmfellow1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

@SynGamer I understand that but I don't support certain actions and believes from people. The way I can make an impact (as small as it is) is by not supporting them by buying their products. I stick to that because I am ok sacrificing a little bit of my entertainment for the greater good.

SynGamer1750d ago

But here's the problem with that thought; you not watching/reading this isn't going to affect anything. Card already got his cut for the movie via licensing I believe, and maybe a small %age for DVD/Blu-ray sales, but it's the movie studio and publisher that will be missing out.

Furthermore, if you really want to make a difference, write your local politicians and ask that they support gay marriage (if it isn't already legal where you live). Support LGBT groups, etc, etc.

paradigmfellow1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

@SynGamer It does affect it (a small percentage) by not giving them my money. The studios and publishers need to be punished in some way so that they don't repeat their mistakes. If I go and watch it I will be promoting the very thing I am against (mind you the biggest thing that really irks me is that Orson thinks intelligent design is science, which is not).

You are not seeing the bigger picture. How you live your life is the same thing as promoting certain actions over others. (I can't continue anymore, I used up my bubbles and I just realized I didn't reply to the thread so I don't know if you will read this)

SynGamer1749d ago

I'm not saying you are wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. BUT, I don't agree with you. I am as much for LGBT rights as any LGBT person. I see nothing wrong with homosexuality and it's pretty stupid that it's an issue and wasting taxpayer dollars being debated.

That being said, I still enjoyed Ender's Game as a book. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the setting. Etc. I'm not going to let an author's views on certain subjects negate that fact that I still enjoyed their work. Reading through Ender's Game, I don't recall any moments where a character was discriminated against for being gay. If it's in there, perhaps I just didn't see it? But I'm fairly certain the book doesn't touch on this topic at all.

Therefore, while I understand the need to boycott, I also appreciate the work that was written, regardless of the author.

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